Picture of  2012 Chianti Terre di Corzano Corzano e Paterno

2012 Chianti Terre di Corzano Corzano e Paterno

Type: Red
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The vineyards of the Fattoria Corzano e Paterno lie on the steep and stony slopes surrounding the fortified farmhouse “Corzano” in San Casciano Val di Pesa. Roughly seventeen km south of Florence, just out of the “Classico” region of Chianti. Made of hand-harvested organic Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes, this Chianti spends a year in oak and stainless before bottling. A double triage (sorting by hand) ensures that only those of the highest quality make it into the wine.


* Size: 750
* Vintage: 2012
* Producer: Corzano e Paterno
* Region: TOSCANA
* Subregion: Chianti
* Farming: Organic

* The labels organic, biodynamic, sustainable, natural and traditional that are listed here, are based on our best understanding of the producers' farming practices and do not represent or claim to be a certification of any kind.